With decades of experience in the water and wastewater treatment industry, our team is able to deliver focused and highly technical advice based on a complete understanding of a water or wastewater treatment plant’s operation and the customers’ needs.

Jens Husted Kjaer (PRESIDENT)

With a M.Sc in Chemical engineering and more than 20 years of experience in chemicals, pollution control, and micro filtration, Jens can offer advice to customers on challenging technical issues, while also setting the strategic priorities of Waterhouse.

Mark Carey

Mark’s priority is to work directly with customers in their plants to ensure the best technical and cost effective solution to their problem. Mark brings ten years of water treatment experience to Waterhouse and has worked extensively with clients in Western Canada and North-Western United States.

Anthony S. Greville

Anthony has a reputation as one of the most knowledgeable water treatment experts in western Canada and Northwestern United States. He brings decades of experience to any discussion and there has yet to be a customer problem that he did not have a solution for. We are excited to have Anthony on our team.

Jillian Hamilton

Jillian ensures deliveries and orders run smoothly. With a PhD in organic chemistry, Jillian has a rare knowledge mix of products and their corresponding logistical hazards.

Charles Johnson

Charles oversees all of the financial activity at Waterhouse. He has operated several successful businesses and assists in setting the strategic objectives of the company.

Stephen Brodie (TECHNICAL SALES)

Stephen is our business development expert who specializes in strategic analysis. He has a strong technical background in water treatment and supports the sales team as needed.